Home Technology. Simplified.

Marchand Wright & Associates — established., 2013


When we started MWA in San Francisco in 2013, we wanted to create a better experience for everyone in the home technology ecosystem.  Including homeowners, home construction professionals & home technology professionals.



MWA was founded in San Francisco, allowing us to work closely with many of the leaders of the technology industry.

Today MWA works in several parts of the US, including California, Hawaii, Colorado, Montana, New York, Texas & Florida.

US Map

MWA's homebase is now Sausalito, California.


Our Team —


Scott Marchand, Founding Principal

Scott has collaborated with the country's leading architects, designers, and contractors while working and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hawaii, La Jolla, Aspen, and Vail. Scott has worked with sophisticated clients and design professionals on some of the most beautiful homes and most advanced residential technology systems in the country.

Additionally, Scott's experience as a small business owner has helped him maintain a very practical approach to technology and budgets.

This refined experience, combined with a real-world approach, allows Scott to relate to homeowners and their design teams.


Jason Wright, Founding Principal

Jason has been in the consumer technology industry for over a decade. He has worked with many of the recognized leaders in technology, including executives from companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and others.

Jason excels at explaining the pros and cons of technology in simple layman's terms. He also specializes in guiding homeowners and construction professionals through the complex technology buying process.

Jason has developed unique software that helps homeowners visualize scope and budget, helping them to design their own system(s) in a single meeting.


Dusty Mendes, Senior Consultant

Dusty joined MWA in 2014 after spending eight years designing commercial technology infrastructure for top Bay Area companies and institutions including Genentech, Square, NASA Ames, SF General Hospital, GAP, Index Ventures, Brocade & the University of San Francisco.

Dusty's move from commercial into high-end residential was motivated by a love of the artful integration of technology into architecture. He enjoys surfing Montara and breaking MWA's flip flop-only dress code.