Home Technology. Simplified.

MWA provides an independent, technology-agnostic consulting alternative to the traditional home technology design/build model.


What is Home Technology?



MWA's Approach


Design Process

MWA educates clients & project teams, helping them select the right home technology scope/budget. We recommend systems and products that are reliable and simple to use, and that meet the architectural and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Once the scope and budget have been determined, we deliver schematic level drawings and an easy-to-digest program. These documents outline the impact the home technology systems will have on the project's design and budget, well in advance of selecting a home technology subcontractor. 


Delivery Process

MWA manages the home technology subcontractor selection process. We deliver the RFP and answer the RFI's, we coordinate the bid leveling and deliver simple bid analysis, and we schedule and moderate bidder interviews with the client, project team and the bidders. 

Once the bidder has been selected, we coordinate the scope of work with the project team and all other stakeholders (electrical, lighting design, etc). We review submittals and change orders, and we confirm that the systems are complete and commissioned at the end of the project. 


Architectural Significance

MWA helps coordinate the aesthetic integration of technology products into architecturally critical spaces, ensuring consistency & uniformity. 

Many home technology products are designed to live 'behind the scenes'.  However, some products, including in-ceiling speakers and access control keypad, work best when plainly visible.   Any home technology product that can't be completely hidden should at least be visually minimized, ensuring a clean and intentional look and feel.

To achieve this, we specify the appropriate products and coordinate the design and integration with the project team and material vendors.